Integrity™ Lighted Mirror TV by Electric Mirror


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Place Integrity™ over your bathroom vanity and instantly renew your space with brilliance and motion. It features a smooth polished edge, luminous inner frame of natural-looking LED lighting, and a vibrant LED HDTV.

Made in the USA

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Integrity Lighted Mirror with Television by Electric Mirror brings a dash of luxury to any bathroom. It features a LED HDTV with Integrated Audio that provides entertainment while carrying out bathroom routines. Made from DuraMirror with anti-corrosion treatment, this accent is sure to last for years to come. A band of frosted light is set around the mirror to provide natural light to illuminate the room for carrying out tasks.


Electric Mirror, based in the state of Washington, has been producing mirrors for residential and hospitality spaces for over 16 years. Their designs have integrated makeup lighting, defoggers, televisions, Bluetooth music and more and are made in the USA. From the striking, energy efficient, LED Integrity Lighted Mirror with Vive Technology to the visually appealing, user friendly Serenity Lighted Mirror with Television, their creations are technologically advanced and luxury quality.


  • LED lighting
  • E-Life 8 Years Extended Lamp Replacement Cycle
  • LED HDTV and Integrated Audio
  • Spectrum Technology
  • Natural Light Color
  • HardCoat Anti-Corrosion Mirror Treatment
  • Environmentally Sustainable
  • Energy Efficient
  • Proudly Made in The USA
  • Patented (D623,425, US 7,853,414, US 7,805,260, US 8099247)
  • Manufactured In: USA


  • Location Rating: UL Listed


  • Glass mirror with metal frame

INT-215-AV-4842, INT-215-AV-6042, INT-215-AV-5442, INT-215-AV-6642, INT-156-AV-4842, INT-156-AV-6042, INT-156-AV-5442,

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15.6 TV 36W X 42H X 1,75D, 15.6 TV 42W X 42H X 1,75D, 15.6 TV 48W X 42H X 1,75D, 15.6 TV 54W X 42H X 1,75D, 15.6 TV 60W X 42H X 1,75D, 15.6 TV 66W X 42H X 2D, 21.5 TV 36W X 42H X 1,75D, 21.5 TV 42W X 42H X 1,75D, 21.5 TV 48W X 42H X 1,75D, 21.5 TV 54W X 42H X 1,75D, 21.5 TV 60W X 42H X 1,75D, 21.5 TV 66W X 42H X 2D